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Yes, I do Knit on Airplanes

Many of my fellow knitters are in awe that I do in fact travel with my knitting. I am always asked, "How do you get your knitting and tools through TSA?" "Don't they take your stuff?" "Are you ever searched?" I have never had any issues with traveling with my knitting, and believe me, I do a lot of traveling; including internationally.

Today's post is about some #TSA and #Traveling #knitting #tips.

Travel and TSA tips:

- Make sure you are using circular needles instead of those giant wooden, vampire-slaying needles.

- Keep your scissors small. The cutting portion of my scissors are only 1 inch in length.

- Keep your knitting stuff contained.

- I pack my projects into separate bags. For example: my friend's sweater is in one bag, with all the needles I need. A shop project is in another bag with the needles for that project. My tools such as stitch markers, scissors and such are packed neatly into my knitting brick (a Fossil case that works perfectly to contain all my knitting stuff). If you don't have a handy case like that, I highly recommend the KnitKit. It is a great way to keep all your tools contained and in one easy place.

- Make sure your project is easy to get to. My main project is in my purse, which is down by my feet. The other project is in my carry-on that is up in the overhead bin.

I like to #travel with small-ish projects. As your seat space on the plane is a little snug (lets be honest, you're crammed in), you don't want to spread out too much. I would suggest leaving the blankets and large garment projects at home. #Socks, #shawls, fingering weight #sweaters are great airplane projects. On our trip to San Diego, I brought the Winona Poncho by Mone Drager in the Interweaves Knits magazine and Mount Pleasant by Megan Nodecker.

The only time I have ever ran into an issue was in Portugal. They made me check my knitting! Can you imagine a 10 hour flight and no knitting?!? It was a LONG flight for sure. My husband was also annoyed that they made me check my knitting as I got to pester him the whole flight. Muahahahaha!!! But of all the countries we have been to (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, Coratia, Hungary, Malta and a few more) only Portugal had the issue.

Moral of the story, yes, you can travel with your knitting.

~ Happy Knitting ~

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