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A Day at the Races!

My husband is a photographer and a darn good one! This last week was Monterey Car Week. It original started out as the Monterey Historics, then became the Rolex Motorsports Reunion, and then morphed into the most awesome, Monterey Car Week. Lots of famous people attend, lots of STUNNING multi-million dollar cars attend, there's 3 different car auctions, racing and lots of good FOOD!

This year's Monterey adventure for us, was a little different. Dennis had a press pass and we drove down for the day.

I of course, always pack knitting and fizzy waters! I didn't take a lot of pictures from this trip as I was pretty tired from waking up at 5 AM and driving down. Dennis on the other hand, got a ton of pics! I cannot wait to see what he scored. He was hard at work, shooting cars, meeting clients and making new connections. I am so proud of him. Be sure to check out his website:!

Here is Dennis, about to go in and get his press pass. The center pic is of me and my favorite race car driver, Allan McNish! He was super nice! And the far right is a hardtop Cobra. I have never seen one of those! Very cool!

Here's some pictures from last year:

Car shows, good food, knitting, and the winning Ford GT from the 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans. The first selfie with the gentleman in the colored shirt is Mark. He and his wife started LuLaRoe. One of my favorite clothing brands. The gentleman in the race suit is Mika Hakkinen. He is 2 time-world champion F1 driver. He competed against Michael Schumacher. I did get to meet Shumacher a few years previously, but I was unable to get a selfie with him. It was also just months before his debilitating accident.

Back in 2015 I got to meet:

The son of Steve McQueen, Chad McQueen. Man, he really looks like his dad! And I got to meet Jay Leno for the second time. He's pretty nice too!!

Well happy Sunday, happy knitting and happy car week!

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