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A Yarn Abroad

I have been absent for far too long! Sorry about that. My day job, conference organizer, was ramping up as the date for our departure to Europe was drawing near. We are over in Budapest for around 2 weeks. Some time for work, some time for play. The first stop on our adventure was London. That was play time.

When we travel, rather than bring back a bunch of touristy souvenirs, I like to find local yarn shops and buy local products. London did not disappoint! Thank you to @Knitatude, I learned of this cute shop called Loop. Picture this: a walking street lined with adorable store fronts, selling all kinds of fantastic items. Vintage clothing, yarn, pubs, florists, coffee shops. Those were some of the stores down this pedestrian path.

The store front of Loop

Ok, I truly meant to take some pictures inside, but I saw all the yarn and got distracted. I know. I am sorry. Trust me, it was really adorable inside also. Two stories of yarn! Each floor had a selection of specific yarn separated by weight. That made shopping by weight a really unique experience! Their staff was fabulous! So friendly. I love the knitting community.

Here are some pictures from inside the shop. Photos are not mine, but can be found on Loop's Instagram profile.

Pictures courtesy of Loop Yarn Shop (Instagram: LoopLovesLondon)

I do have to laugh though. I wanted to find some unique yarn to their shop, preferably something local to Great Britain. So......most of their inventory is from the US or Canada. HA! But, I did score some GORGEOUS local fibers! The shop not only had yarn and unique patterns, it also had fun tools, vintage metal sheep, all kinds of notions and needles and much much more!

All the wool below is from the UK and Dyed in the UK. As you can see, I did grab some patterns. This is the bummer part to travel. Having to limit what you get because you need to get it home. And! My bag to hold my purchase is an adorable, reusable cloth bag with their logo on it! Swoon. I just loved this place.

I am so happy to learn that they ship worldwide. So when I have a need for more of The Uncommon Thread or Eden Cottage Yarns, I can place an order! This yarn shop is also on #Instagram! Be sure to go check them out, @looplondonloves

If you ever find yourself in the London area, you MUST stop by here.

Happy Knitting!

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