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An Encinitas Favorite of Mine

We are in the process of getting our house in Sacramento ready to sell and move down to the San Diego County. That means having to back up all our belongings and leave the area I grew up in. Ok, so that's fine. But what about a local yarn shop?!? I NEED my yarn shop fix!

Have no fear! I have found such a place! And! It's close to my parents' home! Let me introduce you to Common Threads! This adorable shop is owned and operated by Nancy and her husband and is conveniently located across the street from my favorite restaurant, 2Good 2Be on El Camino Real. I can pick up a delicious #glutenfree treat and head over to the yarn shop! Perfect!

Common Threads has a pretty amazing selection of fiber to satisfy all of your yarn needs. Check out just a few of the labels I saw:

  • Madeline Tosh

  • Plymouth Yarns

  • Mirasol

  • Berroco Yarns

  • Mountain Colors

  • Debbie Bliss

  • Lang

  • Shibui Yarn

  • Rowan

  • Lana Grossa

  • Freia

  • And believe me, lots more...

Common Threads also boasts a pretty descent selection of tools too, including project bags, needles and even suede slipper soles. They also have a great selection of pattern books and magazines to choose from. If you don't see a pattern there, they are also happy to get a pattern off of Ravelry for you as well.

Overall, the staff is super friendly and helpful, great selection of yarn and doggy I can pet when I am there. I know I will be spending a fair amount of time (and $$) there once we move.

Happy Knitting~

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