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November: The Month of Thankfulness

Each November, I want to try and do the 30 days of thankfulness. So I decided to not only blog about it, but pair it with my new 3 month Lularoe challenge. I have so much LLR that I need to wear, I have decided to challenge myself to a 3 month challenge to help encourage me to wear the beautiful pieces that I have.

Day 1 of Thankfulness:

I am thankful for my family. My family is my biggest support base. My husband, my parents, my aunts, my cousins, my grandparents...I would list uncles, but sadly they have passed. I know they are looking down on me so that helps. My family is pretty tight given that we live all over the western seaboard. They are one of my biggest support systems. I am pretty blessed to have a wonderful family.

Day 1 of LLR Challenge:

Rocking the LLR Sarah Cardigan for my photo shoot of the new South Lake Tahoe Headband

I am wearing one of the LLR Sarah's, LLR's long cardigan, for day one of the challenge. My hubs shot my new headband design today. I am also wearing a Agnes and Dora top with the world's most awesome jeggings. It has pockets!

Anyway, stay tuned......

Happy Thanksgiving month!

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