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New Happenings!

I am back! Sorry it's been forever and a day! I had gone through some pretty big family tragedies and that took quite a toll on me. But I am pleased to say that I am back and back at it with creating new things!

The first new and exciting thing, I am in the process of re-branding my knitting patterns. They used to be under Daisy Girl Creations, then DGC and now...drum roll please.... The Knitted Pineapple! Yes! I am so unbelievably excited about it! I chose that as it will fit in so perfectly with CreativeCAPineapple! My amazing photographer/graphic artist hubs has taken the CCP logo and updated it...

In the process of re-branding, I needed to create some new patterns to go with the launch of the new name. I will reveal the collection name: The Painted Desert, but that is all you get for now. Let's just say that it is going to be chalk full of fabulous knitwear inspired by my beautiful home state of Arizona. So far I have a hat, and 2 sweaters, with lots more coming! I am so excited! The plan is to get the collection done and photographed in Arizona. I am so JAZZED!

Next cool thing...Along with the new patterns that will be available on the website, I am looking into offering cool tools too! Such as the wrist ruler! I have one and wear it every day and use it every day as well. These super cool bracelets are leather, made in the USA and come in all sorts of fun colors and sizes. Below, is a sample of some of the colors.

The wrist ruler is currently available in my store for pre-order.


Natural, Medium, Dark, Black, White, Baby Blue, Blue, Teal, Shamrock, Orange, Red, Hot Pink, Grey and Plum.


14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 inches

Lots of great colors and sizes to choose from. Like I said, I use mine everyday. Not just for knitting, but for other things too such as box measurements for the mail, at Ikea when we forget our tape measure and so on. So this unique accessory is not just for knitters.

And while I am hard at work on creating new patterns, I am also creating new jewelry! I am thinking about adding custom fitted rings to the store along with some new necklaces. I have some fun new earrings up also! Rumor has it, I will get to participate in a pop-up show at Spin. I will keep you updated on that.

That is all the exciting news I have for now. Stay tuned for more news and fun products!

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