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My Favorite Workout App

I used to belong to a gym. It was the time.... I had one of the older accounts that was fairly affordable and allowed me access to all their locations in the Sacramento area. Well, several things had happened to make me leave. One thing, it was no longer a family environment. It became a meat market, where women pranced around in hardly anything (yes, there was a dress code), no one cleaned the equipment and management didn't seem to care. So, I took my money and sunk it into making my own home gym, where shockingly enough, I didn't get sick!

While I have purchased dumbbells, bozu ball, kettle bells, aerobic stepper, exercise ball and more... I needed some more guidance. My cousin had started this workout support group on Facebook messenger and told us all about this great app. Fit Body with Anna Victoria. It is a subscription, and cheaper than my gym membership, it offers all kinds of styles of workouts for the week, different levels and more.

I signed up and got going. I was dubious at first, but after my first day...holy crap! I was sore! It was a butt-kicker for sure! And now I am in love. While I am not able to do it often, yay for injuries, I do what I can and modify some of the moves so I won't hurt myself. I have to admit, while I don't workout enough, it is still a super fun app! You select the style (tone, sculpt, shred), you select the intensity and you're off!

One of the things that I love most about the app is that there is a video of a person doing the exercise so you can make sure you are doing the move correctly. I find that to be very helpful. I wish that they would show you how to modify to the moves if you need to. But that is really my only complaint.

I really enjoy the app and look forward to getting past week 1 at some point. Goals! HA!

Happy training!

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