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Back At It...Again!

I love cycling. I love the wind in my face, the speed, the freedom. I love my bike. What I don't love is the sore butt. HA! The last ride I did was a memorial ride for my uncle, John back on June 23rd. It had been a month. One month exactly since I had last been on the bike. It's time to get back into it. I want to do another century!

One of the main things that I love about cycling is seeing the sites. We are fortunate to have a wonderful bike trail that follows the American River. Despite the dry and hot summer, there are parts of the trail that are really pretty. We also get to see people's creative side. It's sort of like a natural graffiti. It's fun, creative and totally not harmful.

Along with my cycling, I have also resumed my circuit training. I created a home gym. For the price of one month's membership at my local place, I was able to purchase some tools for the job. I know for a fact that my stuff is clean, germ free and I won't catch something gross from public machines. The pics below show just some of my gear. I have a bit more and adding to it here and there.

My plan of attack: Cycle on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Circuit training on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Rest on Saturday and begin the process again. That gives me 3 days of riding and 3 days of circuits.

Along with my plan of attack, I am working on helping my body with good eating habits from the kitchen. I am currently on a Keto style plan. Low carbs, no sugar, protein and greens. It's a 2 front attack. I am feeling pretty good! Aside from sore muscles...

One thing that I find really hard is being consistent. But I do find being real in my struggle and my cravings with others has helped me a lot. I have a dear friend of mine who is also working on better eating habits. We text each other everyday with what we have been eating and doing for fitness. That has been a big help to us both.

I have also been posting my progress pics to my Instagram account. Another way of keeping myself accountable. Plus its a big fat boost to my self esteem and progress when people like my pics and post words of encouragement. In a world full of anger and hate, it is so nice to see and read happy things. There is quite a wonderful community of people who speak positivity into other people.

Happy Training!

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