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I Cycle like a Girl

I love cycling. I first started out my cycling life on a Hybrid. That is a bike that looks like a Road bike and Mountain bike had a baby. It was so comfortable! I loved it. My husband bought it for me as a get well gift. I had hurt my knee and the MRI and the bicycle cost the same so he bought me the bicycle instead and it instantly made my need feel so much better! Who knew?!

Trek Hybrid (top) Trek Lexa Road bike (bottom)

We started off with the hybrid as it was half the price of the road bike and I wasn't so sure I was going to like cycling. Once I started riding, I was hooked! I took my hybrid into the bike shop and got fitted to it. Then I began my training. I wanted to do a century on my hybrid. That is a 100 mile bike ride. People laughed at me and said I couldn't do it. That made me push harder. And guess what? I did it! 6 hours in the saddle, but I did it! Thankfully with my cycling coach by my side.

After the century, I decided to take the plunge and got a road bike. I love Trek. I wanted to stay with the Trek family, so I purchased a Lexa SLX, a 20 speed beauty. Aluminum body, carbon fork, and a good 12 pounds lighter than my hybrid. I wanted a carbon fiber bike, but, baby steps.

I want to do another century. I want my husband to do this with me. So we began training. I started riding with my Uncle John, who was a big time fan of Specialized. He always razzed me for riding a Trek. We always had such good laughs and competitive attitudes about our bikes and who rides what in the Tour de France. We were going to begin riding together again when we got word that John had suddenly passed. This broke my heart. My uncle, my friend, my cycling buddy. Well, I will continue to train for my next century, but now on my new Specialized.

Specialized Roubaix

This is my new fully carbon fiber bike. This was my uncle's bicycle. I am so happy it fit me. And so deeply blessed that I get to ride his bike. June 23, 2018, we will be riding a 25 mile memorial ride on my uncle's birthday. I will be riding his bike in it. Each time I ride my new carbon fiber bike, I will think of him and him razzing me about riding a Trek. Such fun times. I know he is so happy to see me on a Specialized.

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