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A Month of Thankfulness

I had all sorts of good intentions of posting a picture a day that corresponded to what I am thankful for. I started off strong! And then life happened. Yep. Good follow through. So, I have decided to write my list of things I am thankful for right here. Why not?

I am thankful for....

1. My Husband. He is so super supportive of my crazy ideas. He's an amazing photographer and takes all the pictures on my website. Plus, he is teaching me some photo tricks.

2. My Family. My family also supports my crazy ideas. Whether they agree or not, they still love, support and encourage me. They also tell me if something seems like it doesn't fit. I really appreciate their input.

3. My Friends. I have had lots of friends over the years. Some I still keep in touch with and some I have fallen out of touch with. We are for each other through thick and thin.

4. My Fur Child. Daisy is my bouncy, happy American Eskimo Doggy...aka the Fur Child. I sometimes think she thinks she's my child. She has moods and attitudes. When ever she isn't feeling well or gets hurt, she always comes running to me. She's always happy (for the most part) and is the inspiration behind my Daisy Girl Creations name.

5. Knitting. A friend of mine had taught me knitting in college. She was doing it and I was so intrigued and begged her to teach me. Fast-forward to 16 years later and I am still doing. In fact I took what she taught me and ran with it. I know design my own patterns.

6. Yarn. You cannot have beautiful knitwear without beautiful yarns. Malabrigo, Shibui, Cascade, Berroco are a few of my faves. Merino wool, silk, cotton, alpaca... each fiber is unique and I have so much fun collecting and adding to my collection. When we are abroad, I am always on the look out for local yarn shops to buy my souvenirs from.

7. Travel. I have been blessed with a client that allows me to travel. Even more special, is my husband works with me so we get to travel the world together. We have been able to see all kinds of amazing places and meet amazing people. And! Learn about amazing new foods.

8. My Job. I am self-employed and had been so for 12 years. I love being able to set my own hours, be my own boss and work with my husband.

9. My Instant Pot. I love food. I love cooking. I love healthy, yet tasty eating. My parents got this metal bundle of joy for us and man! The things you can do with that! I have made my own organic Greek yogurt, soups, ribs and so much more!

10. Netflix. Don't judge me. I hate commercials. I love being able to binge watch a season of something if I want to. Lots of cool stuff out there. And STRANGER THINGS! OMG! I LOVE that show! Being a kid of the 80's, it reminds me of my childhood...not the ego eating wonder kid, but the clothes, the games, the music. Sigh. Simpler times I tell ya.

11. Amazon Prime. Like Netflix, I have access to all kinds of great shows, movies, shopping and music. I can stream full albums. I can stream all the episodes of Bones. I can order something and usually have it within 8-48 hours.

12. Lularoe. I don't know if you have heard of this clothing brand, but I LOVE it! It is a fun clothing brand that boasts bold colors and patterns. I was stuck in the green, brown and gray colors. This brand helped me to bust into the color scene with bright vibrant colors and pattern mixing. Plus their clothing is super comfortable.

13. Virgin Atlantic. This kind of goes along with the travel. We first flew with Virgin Atlantic back in May 2018. Wow. Not only is it a super fun airline, their planes are new, you have a descent amount of space, access to great movies, good food (shocking, I know) and.....FREE ALCOHOL. Yes, you read that right.

14. Our Military. I am thankful for all the branches of our military. They all fight and strive to not only keep us safe, but keep us free.

15. Our Freedoms. We are fortunate enough to live in a country of freedom. You have the freedom to choose your religion, to choose where you want to live, who you want to marry. You have the freedom to your opinion. You have the freedom to not like my opinion. And you know what? That is ok!

16. iPhones. Man. I remember when I was 16 and my first cell phone was a Motorola flip phone. It couldn't text. We actually had to use it like a phone. And now! The iPhone comes along and I literally have a mini-computer in the palm of my hand. I can post to social media. I can update my website. I can keep in touch with my family and friends either by text, phone or FaceTime.

17. Cycling. I love cycling. I can go fast and go far and at the end of the ride, I am not sore like I was with running. There's a great community of cyclists. There are clubs, riding teams, rides like Foxy Falls Century. I did that once. On a hybrid bike too. I want to do another century again on a road bike this time.

18. My Bicycles. I love my bicycles. Yes, plural. I have 2. The first is my Specialized Roubaix. It is very special to me as it belonged to my late Uncle John. He loved Specialized and always teased me about riding Trek. My other bicycle is a Trek Madone. I have been wanting a Madone since I first saw them on the Tour de France. Both bicycles are carbon fiber and amazingly comfortable.

19. Pineapples. Be like a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside. Its a happy fruit! What's not to like?? It's also the symbol for hospitality, which is the industry I work in. It's the inspiration behind my website. I even have a pineapple tattoo.

20. Wine. I love wine. It's perfect to have with friends, family, meals, a drink after a long day...Jesus made wine. HAHAHA! That's awesome. I really like red wines the most. Malbec, Cab Sav, Merlot, pinot noir for me.

21. Napa Valley. Come on. This had to be after wine. Napa Valley is the heart of the US wine industry. Not only is it stunning scenery, it has many, many great wineries. One of my favorites is V. Sattui. My parents have been customers of theirs for decades and passed their love of wines, especially Sattui, on to me. We are in their wine of the month club and love popping over for a visit and a tasting.

22. The Great British Baking Show. When my uncle suddenly passed, I was so sad. My cousin, Cathy, told me to watch this show to cheer me up. It really helped. It's such a warm and endearing show. 12 bakers compete to win the title of great baker. They make amazing things, you get to learn about the people and their backgrounds. These are normal, non-professional bakers who are competing. And everyone is so polite and charming to each other. Also, great accents. The things that they make are amazing! I highly recommend this show. You can find it on Netflix.

23. Social Media. As of lately, social media has been used to argue with each other over politics. That is not why I am on here. I like the funny posts, recipes, pictures, staying connected with my family and friends. There's another fantastic thing about social marketing! Any time I make something new for my website or write up a blog post, I can use it to share it with the world.

24. Leggings. OMG. Who ever invented these are brilliant! You can wear them as pants, if you are rocking a long shirt please. You can wear them under skirts and dresses and even torn jeans to make it look like patches. They are comfortable. When ever we travel, I am wearing leggings. I love them dearly.

25. Our First-Responders. This year has been an incredibly rough year for California. We had 2 historical fires. The first one being the Carr Fire. The second and most devastating fire ever, the Camp Fire. Our first-responders are champions! They rush into the danger to save people, structures, animals and our beautiful forests. They fight with everything in their being and even when they are exhausted and have nothing left, they keep fighting. God Bless our Firefighters, Police, EMTs, and volunteers.

26. My Aesthetician. My amazing face expert! I have been seeing her since I turned 30. I decided when I turned 30, to get regular facials once a month to take care of skin. I also drink lots of water, wear sunscreen and use products that are good for my skin.

27. My Hairstylist. Sarah and I have been together since I was 27. She knows how to manage my crazy hair. It's wavy, yet if it gets any heaviness to it, it will go flat. If it's over texturized, it freaks out. Sarah knows how to manage the mane. She also does amazing color work.

28. Arbonne. My friend introduced me to this brand. It is a European cosmetic company that began in the 80s. Their focus is healthy products that do not have harmful chemicals in their items. Everything is all natural, plant based, gluten free and crazy good for you. I liked their products so much, I decided to join their team and become a consultant.

29. Landon and Vivian. That's the names of my cars. Yes, I name my cars. They have little quirks. Landon the Land Cruiser was a gift from my parents. He's amazingly comfortable and luxurious. And big! I feel so safe in it. Vivian is my 1965 Ford Mustang. It was gift from my parents also. It was for my 18th birthday and high school graduation. My dad and I worked on it together to restore it. It's a sassy car, just like my grandma it is named after. My father had a 1966 Mustang when he was in high school and then took it to UC Davis with him. I did the same thing, took my Mustang to UC Davis.

30. Being a Bridesmaid. Last, but certainly not least, my dear cousin, my only first cousin, who is more little sister than cousin, recently got engaged and asked me to be in her wedding party! I am so deeply honored and touched. She asked me in the most adorable way. She had purchased a candle

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