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Zooey Yarn

Just because it's summer, doesn't mean the knitting stops

I knit year round. I am always working on shop samples, gifts, designing new patterns and trying to knit for myself. Knitting for me really does happen year-round. Some fibers are more user friendly for those really hot days than others. I live in Sacramento, CA. We can get really warm. For example, this coming Saturday is set to be 105 degrees. Ew.

Let me introduce you to Zooey Yarn by Juniper Moon.

Zooey Yarn by Juniper Moon

Zooey is a new yarn this year. It is a soft cotton-linen blend with bright and vibrant colors. The blend is 60% cotton and 40% linen. Recommended needle size is 3-5 US which puts this in the Sport/DK weight category. For my crocheting friends: hook size US E. Sport weight and DK weight are pretty interchangeable depending on the needle size.

I purchased this gorgeous yarn at my favorite local haunt, Got Your Goat Yarn Studio located in Roseville, CA. Each ball is $15.50, however, you getting 284 yards of vibrant, soft cotton-linen yarn. It is a great price for great yarn.

Did I mention how soft this yarn is? Most cotton-linen blends tend to be scratchy or stiff, but not this one! Sometimes the dye also can make the yarn stiff. Again, Zooey is soft. I cannot wait to make my project with this yarn! I am going to be making Firefly Wrap by Pamela Wynne. This pattern can be found and purchased on

How adorable is this?! And how perfect for summer! Here in Sacramento, we have stupid hot days and businesses have their A/C cranked down. So you go from flaming hot to arctic blizzard. I am very excited to make this for summer.

If there are any particular items you would like to see reviewed or know more about, drop a comment. If there is a particular technique you want to learn, drop me a comment and we will make a video. Be sure to check back for more postings later on tips, tools, videos and more...

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back later for more fun posts!


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