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WIPs and Dips and...??

I don't know about your knitting habits, but for me, I tend to get bored easily...or distracted. I like to work on many projects at once. That being said, I tend to lose track of some projects, only to rediscover them years later....whoops! This post is about 2 projects that had been discovered and finished!

Lost project #1: Chevron Blanket

This was a pretty fun project. I had started it back in 2015 and just finished it in August 2018! I bought the yarn at Got Your Goat Yarn Studio back when they were located in their first location and I worked there! Yeah, that was awhile ago. HA! I wanted a nice blanket/throw for myself as I had been knitting and crocheting blankets for everyone else. I purchased 5 skeins each of Gray, Yellow and Sea Foam to do this endeavor. I casted on with every good intention of this being relatively quick. Then it happened. Yup, you guessed it. I got distracted. I shoved it into a bag and into the closet never to be seen again until 2018. .

I discovered the blanket one day while I was digging through my stash for a project. Holy smokes! My blanket! I should finish that! I took the blanket with me to San Diego in January, to work on. I had made some descent progress on it. Then I got distracted again. This time, I didn't shove in a dark corner of my closet. I kept it out. Well, I am pleased to announce, I finished it the other day! YES!!! It is done! I blocked it out and now I get to enjoy it! It's wonderful! So lightweight, yet warm, but it breathes as it's 100% cotton.

Lost Project #2: Xia (Summer)

I started this project back in 2015 as well. This was my second time making this pattern as I had knitted one previously for my cousin. I had used Knit Picks, Shine Sport in Wisteria. August 15, 2018, I dug this out and finally finished it last night! Woohoo! That's 2 lost WIPs that had been resurrected and finished! I feel so accomplished.

My friend Candice, has been challenging me to finish up old projects. Each January, I make a New Year's resolution to finish up WIPs. Sometimes I follow through on it and sometimes I don't. Well this year I had finally finished up some. I will admit, it felt good! Now I only have 42 projects left. HA! I actually don't know how many I have left, but I know it's a few.

What unfinished projects do you have? Let's finish those babies up! It feels good to get them off your needles, or hooks.

Happy Knitting~

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