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Summer's Hot Knit List

The Must Knit Items of the Summer

Every summer I have a list of items I want to knit. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. In most cases, it doesn't. But I still try! Most of my free knitting time is working on shop samples, designing new patterns or get this...Christmas knitting! Yes, you read that right. I begin my Christmas knitting like in July. That means this year, I am already behind. HA! Shocker!

Ok, back to the hot knit list! Here's my list of 5 summer's hot knits that I want to knit! (these are in no particular order):

  • Big in Japan by Katrin Schneider: Big in Japan uses Ito's Kinu and Washi held together to create a unique and lightweight fabric. I picked up these yarns from my local yarn shop (Got Your Goat Yarn Studio). I am going to use Capri Blue in Kinu and Rainy Day in Washi. I am hoping it will create a really nice blue and white tweed.

Big in Japan
  • Davit by Amy Palmer: Davit is a fun, cross-back cap sleeve sweater that uses Berroco's new yarn, Quinoa in gray (color 1070). I purchased this lovely yarn from my local yarn shop. The fiber content is 91% cotton and 9% nylon. It's pleasantly soft and has a unique texture.

  • Dressed to the Maxi Dress by Knitatude's Chantal Miyagishima: This is the first knitted maxi dress I have ever seen. It's freaking adorable! I found this young, talented woman on #Instagram thanks to my friend Sierra of Altitude Fiber Co. The yarn is by Lion Brand Yarn. At first I was slightly horrified to buy and use Lion Brand yarn, BUT, they have really upped their game! Lion Brand Yarn is starting to put out some new yarn lines that are not only really affordable, but nice too! I will admit, I am a professed yarn snob, but I have been changing my mind lately on this. Ok, back to the yarn... I bought Lion Brand's Jeans yarn in Corduroy. This yarn is 100% acrylic BUT, it's soft and squishy feeling. I can machine wash this and throw it in the dryer if I want, but won't. I picked this yarn up at Joann's and was able to use a coupon. Woohoo!

Dressed to the Maxi Dress
  • Firerfly by Pamela Wynne: The yarn for this patter in Zooey in Rigging (bright, bright pink). The vibrant yarn is 60% cotton and 40% linen. I picked this fun color up at my local yarn shop. This is the first pattern on my list that I have actually cast on. I started this beauty on Saturday, August 4th. This yarn is freaking fantastic! So far, so good. I like that it's a relatively easy knit that I can work on when I am tired, watching a movie or anywhere. This is a wonderful pattern for newbies who want to make a fun and unique sweater.

  • Mount Pleasant by Megan Nodecker: This sweater is also currently on my needles. Yes, I have many projects going at once. When I need a break from one project, I jump to a different one. It's fun! And sometimes crazy. My dear friend Shannon wanted this, as do I, so I will be knitting this one twice. We are both big time into #LuLaRoe and this is the perfect sweater to throw over a Carly, a Maria or even Dani. I am using Malabrigo Sock in Black, yes, you read that right, black yarn. Malabrigo Sock is 100% merino wool. For my sweater, I am using Crave Yarn in Adore. Crave is 90% merino yarn and 10% cashmere. I cannot wait to take this beauty to Europe and wear over my fun LuLaRoe stuff.

Mount Pleasant
  • Striped Down Cardi by Knitatude's Chantal Miyagishima: This is one of my finished items. I did this as a test knit for Knitatude. It was such a fun knit! And fast!! I knitted this in 3 days. I used We Are Knitters Pima yarn. This is my first time using WAK and pima cotton. I had to order it online, but man! It was glorious! It drapes so well and it is super soft! I love this yarn and will definitely use it again. The distributor is on the East Coast. Being in California, it took 5 days to get. They shipped it pretty quick after I placed the order. The pattern was well written and super easy to understand.

Striped Down Cardi

Anyway, this is my list of must summer haves for knitting. Seeing that our summers hit upwards of 110, I like to hide inside with the A/C on and knit. I am a year-round knitter. I have been spending especially a lot of time indoors lately as the valley is filled with smoke from pretty much all of California being on fire.

What are some of your top summer must-have knits? Drop me a line and let me know.

Happy Knitting~

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