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My Love of Pineapples Runs Deep

Stand Tall, Wear a Crown, Be Sweet on the Inside

I love Pineapples! Pineapple everything! Phone cases, purses, clothing, jewelry and now...a #tattoo! I am so madly in love with my new #pineapple tattoo!

Be a Pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.

I've been thinking for awhile about getting a new tattoo and where. I reached out to my friend Shannon to see if she knew of any great, local artists and she put me in touch with Kelley of Lucky Pony Art & Tattoo. She has a space at Apothic Heart Tattoo Collective in Sacramento. Kelley can be found on #Facebook and #Instagram. I messaged Kelley and told her I wanted to do a pineapple tattoo and sent her some sad, janky drawing of my own. She took that idea and created something beautiful.....

Pineapple Sketch by Kelley

Not only was Kelley a wonderful young lady with mad skills, she was funny and put me at ease. Apothic Heart Tattoo Collective is one of the nicest tattoo places I have ever been too. Clean, clutter free and smelled like a place that had been well sterilized. I highly recommend Kelley and the Apothic Heart Tattoo Collective for all your tattoo needs.

This is my second tattoo in my life. Each one that I get has a special meaning. The first one, an open heart, I share with my cousin Cathy and her BFF, Fiona. The 3 of us ladies got this to symbolize a loss of a dear family member. The open heart is to let the sorrow out and the love in.

Open Hearts

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back later for more fun posts!


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