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Sausalito is a wonderful, quaint town, just north of San Francisco. This waterfront town boasts big city eateries while maintaining its small, cozy feel. Just like its larger and more well known neighbor, Sausalito is chic yet cozy. Like it’s namesake, this over-sized cardigan is chic and cozy.


Sausalito is a cozy cardigan that is knitted in pieces, then joined together by seams and 3 needle bind-offs. The moss stitch creates a unique texture to the garment and truly is a unique piece to add to your wardrobe. It is a fast knit so it’s perfect for a gift for you or a loved one.


The cardigan does have 2 sizes, however, the small/medium can fit an assortment of body types. From a 32 inch bust up to a 48 inch and still maintain its flattering look on any woman.

Sausalito-Pattern Only

  • The City Collection is the newest line in DGC. Chunky, fast knits that add a uniqueness to your wardrobe. Great for fall, winter or even gifts!

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